"... We were also able to reduce our plate inventory from 50 down to 18 plates, which is a great savings! "

  Wayne Cornwell, President Becker Buick  Pontiac GMC


Key Solution:
  • Reduces time spent searching for lost keys "I don't know where the keys are!"
  • Modular design and flexible mounting options support 1, 5, 10, and 50 key units.
  • Makes you money by increasing employee accountability and productivity.


Dealer Plate Solution:
  • Instead of having an assigned dealer plate, the employee checks-out and returns a plate from a central location for each individual test drive.
  • This process increases accountability while decreasing the number of dealer plates needed on-site, therefore saving money.
  • Benefits also include reduced legal exposure due to employees mishandling or losing the dealer plates.


Hand-held Scanners, Radios or Specialty Tools Solution:
  • Eliminates valuable time searching for misplaced scanners, radios and specialty tools.
  • Central location provides management with quick-view of who has a specific scanner, radio or tool.
  • Fewer units required as fewer units are lost, saving the business money.


Service Ticket Solution:
  • No more searching for the customer's keys; keys stay with service ticket.
  • Provides an organized and central location for customer service tickets and keys.
  • Better visibility of job assignments for management.


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